Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Perez Hilton: Self-Appointed Messiah

I've never been one to take part in the liberation of the LGBT community. I'm happy with how things are in Ireland, sure in the rest of the world things mightn't be so good but it never really affected me. Sure we don't have same-sex marriage and adoption for same-sex couples is slightly more difficult in catholic conservative Ireland but we've still come a long way in less then 20 years. Like I said, I leave the politics for the politicians but it makes me weep when gobshites like Perez Hilton become the self-appointed Messiashs of the LGBT community. It seems whatever people like him say suddenly reflects how we all think.
A good friend of mine has never met an openly gay man before me and he's completely in wonder. He's always asking me questions like, "Do gay people believe in God?" to which I responded "I don't speak for the entire gay community but I personally don't!". He then started going on about Perez Hilton and how nice it is that "you gays" have someone that can do the fighting for freedom for us. Firstly, I didn't have a clue who Perez Hilton was, so after a bit of research I became quite angry. How has this retard suddenly become what defines all gay people? I admit I have my... whims every now and again but I'm nothing compared to this fruit cake.
When I was growing up my parents would tell me stories of real heroes which enthralled me, Bobby Sands, Eamon DeValera, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Patrick Pearse, Michael Collins, Rosa Parks. Men and women who actually did something in the fight for their respective causes and won the freedom they all wanted, men and women who fought their causes with pride!
I can understand the attraction to Perez Hilton, it's human nature to seek guidance and when someone comes along and offers it we tend to follow before questioning. I ask to everyone reading this don't listen to this douchebag, he's nothing but a fat, gossip who falsely represents an entire community. If you want a role-model, then how about Harvey Milk, Nelson Mandela, Michael Collins; respectful men who did the best for their causes.

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