Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are we cruel?

I was on my friend Simon's Facebook the other day and I noticed he's put a video up. This stupid little girl is making a stuffed animal show and trying to get other vloggers to do the same. She walks from her closet towards the camera, but as she does the closet door falls, hits her on the head and she falls to the ground screaming. After watching this video I pissed myself laughing for about 10 minutes and then I thought of something. I showed the video to a couple of friends and to my parents, every single one of them nearly pissed themselves laughing too. My suspicions were confirmed and then I started thinking; are we, as a species, cruel?

We complain and kick up shit about... the war in Iraq for example. There are protests and rallys all over the world to try get the war to stop and so we can show how much against it we are. Yet who reading this wouldn't laugh at some little girl being cracked over the head by her closet door? Essentially it's the same thing, people being hurt.

Again as a species we are genetically coded to hunt and kill, survival of the fittest. But when did we evolve to the point where we enjoy the pain? S&M being the perfect example, people actually receiving sexual gratification from being hurt, abused and humiliated. So I pose to all you reading, are we cruel? Just think about it.

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