Friday, September 11, 2009

Smart but stupid!!!

I've been almost deaf all my life, going in and out of the deaf clinic for as long as I can remember. 3 years ago I get an operation that gives me full hearing and I'm happy as rain. The only thing is that I have to go for check-ups every 6 months so they'll know if I'm going deaf again.

I firmly believe that doctors are incredibly smart but lack common sense. I went to the deaf clinic today for my check up and the doctor is there calling the patients names. When no one answers him he calls their name again but louder and this is going on for a few minutes. I'm thinking to myself, if we could hear him calling our name we wouldn't need to be in the deaf clinic, now would we? :P

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Recession

Right so I've been working for this private educational company since February. I worked 5 hours a week, earning less then 200€ a month. That's hardly a night out. I decided to go back to school, to redo the Leaving Cert so I'd have a better chance to get into university. The school however won't let me take the last class off on the days I work so I've had to quit my job. I went down to the Social Welfare to try and get a bit of financial aid because the course is just short 1,000€ for the whole year. They then told me that I can't get any help because I haven't been on the Welfare for 3 months before starting the course and since the course is full time I can't sign on now. Some of my friends have been telling me to try look for part-time work, if I could find any fucking work I wouldn't need to go to the Welfare, now would I?

It seems to me that everyone is all up in arms over trivial shit.
We can't spend our money we need to save it, we're in a recession.
We can't even breath or else we're going to get swine flu.
Oh global warming is destroying the earth we can't have such a lucrative lifestyle. We need to switch to more expensive and more complicated organic/ energy efficient shit, which in the end is causing us to lose money and puts us into a recession in the first place.
I want everyone who reads this to say this little mantra: Fuck the recession! Fuck swine flu! Fuck global warming.
If you want to have a night out, go and do it you're not going to end up broke and unemployed.
Give your friends a hug, shake the hands of people you meet, kiss your partner it won't give you swine flu.
Take that shower, the few drops of water isn't going to cause the glaciers to melt.

You can't say recession without it sounding like "session", this is the way forward! Go out and have fun! Just dance! Enjoy your life and don't worry over such trivial things! There are a lot more important things in life: fun, love, art, friendships, family, appreciating every moment for what it is.