Monday, April 19, 2010


The definition of fetish is: a form of sexual desire in which gratification depends to an abnormal degree on some object or item of clothing or part of the body.

During the course of one of our many in depth conversations at Insomnia, me and the guys came onto the topic of fetish. We were there saying what our particular fetish was and some of the more common ones were mentioned: particular ethnicity, biting, S&M, toys, etc. One of them then said that they had a friend who had a fetish so weird that he actually felt ashamed about it. So as guys do we spent a good bit of time trying to guess what it is, each of our guesses got weirder and weirder but still we weren't close. Eventually the friend said that we'd never find out because it was just that bad. That got me thinking, after every single disgusting thing we could think of and still not be close, what exactly defines a "shameful" fetish?

Fetish range from the simple (ethnicity, toys, soft core sexual acts) to the extreme (2 Girls, 1 Cup, paedophilia, bestiality). When does a fetish simply stop being an innocent way of sexual experiementation and enter into the grounds of morally wrong. Let's look at paedophilia for a minute! For the most part, paedophilia is considered one of the most disgusting sexual acts/ crimes that anyone can commit. However, to the East, in some countries is paedophilia not only legal, it's encouraged. Hindu areas with arranged marriages between older gentlemen and young girls. Even in Japan child pornography is only recently illegal.
What about hardcore S&M? In the UK they're hoping to pass a law which will make porn illegal if it seems to cause any harm to another person, this law will effect anyone who's into a bit of pain.

What we consider wrong and disgusting others may consider enticing and sought after. I want to know your opinions on this subject.

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